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Retaliate Of Anger

Relic is two projects in one package. One project is drawing aggro and the other is sonic neurosis. This is about vengeance, growth and magick. I sincerely hope that you find something you enjoy about this record.

As always, my musical output and performance are dedicated to my dad and mom mom. In spirit, not in content.

I'd like to thank Chris Bollinger (And Julie) at Machine Man Records for not only being supportive but also, phenomenal friends. Chris Freed for being my most/constant supportive friend for over a decade. Eddie LaFlash of Decent News for being super kind and inspirational. My mom, Joy, for being super supportive, even when I'm not doing my best.

Thanks for Napalm Postarmag Ghost Broadcast, Ghost Wave Radio (Steve), Dark Indulgence Radio (Scott), Cyberage Radio (Tommy), Cranium Radio (Glen/DJ Spyder), Layne Loves Radio (Stephanie) and any other DJ that has been spinning my garbage in any project that I do or even gives me a listen. You have all boosted my confidence and drive.

As I've been actively working through the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to give huge thanks to my co-workers. The people who have kept me sane during all of this and beyond: Allyson, Kim, Thresha, Nomsa, Martha. Special thanks to Nay, without her dedication and ability to mask her exhaustion and stress, our department would've been a complete disaster and she went above and beyond her normal ability (and paygrade).

And please follow the Retaliate Of Anger Facebook page for all updates. Thank you all.
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Final Echo

Retaliate Of Anger

This is a pay what you want release. However, any monetary gain will go towards funding the upcoming Dizzolve album.

As a thank you for purchasing "Final Echo", your name will be added to the "thank you" section in the forthcoming Dizzolve album's liner notes.

If you do provide money, please follow the Dizzolve and Retaliate Of Anger Facebook pages for the cut off date and updates. Thank you all.
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