Band Members: 

Matt Cannon - keyboards and programming


Lapses is a horrorwave / synthwave / horror sci-fi film composer from Bristol, PA. With his darkwave, throwback sound, Matt Cannon has brought the 80’s retro synth sound into the present.

Lapses came to be when Matt Cannon discovered his synth side after departing from his previous project Quantum Ghost (aka Time Ghost).

Combining pulsating rhythms, sinister horror bass hooks, and dreamlike leads, Lapses blurs the line between beauty and destruction, creating a perfect metaphor for humanity.

In his downtime between Lapses, Matt has provided the musical score for several independent horror features, such as - Bonehill Road and 10/31/16

Currently, Matt is completing work on a Lapses EP as well as a full length album. Both are expected to be released in 2018!

Lapses keyboard

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