Isolated Antagonist

Band Members: 

Glen Mitchell – Aggressive vocals / Lyrics

Nate Exx Gradowski - Clean vocals, programming, keyboards, guitars, and bass 


Created with the intent to bring back the old industrial metal / industrial death metal style similar to bands such as Fear Factory and Godflesh, Isolated Antagonist was constructed in 2014 by Glen Mitchell and Nate Exx Gradowski of Massachusetts.

Their debut album “The Isolated and The Antagonist”, a story of one man lost amongst a war of disease; in a future not too far from now – was released in February of 2015. 

Soon after, their second full length album “Affirmation of Entropy” was released in February of 2016. Which paved the wave for 2018’s “Oblivion” featuring ex-Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers on bass guitar.

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