We make noise. We came to destroy. THIS SHITZ ELEKTRO


Dizzolve is an Elektro / Deathstep / Industrial Rock duo, that features Josh Lamison and Alec Lopardo and is from Schwenksville / Lansdale, PA.

"The Hookwirm EP" exhibits all the best qualities from Dizzolve, as it combines their innovative beats with searing guitar parts, and driving electro synth lines.

"The Hookwirm EP" is now available on Bandcamp and can be purchased HERE.

And will be available via all digital media platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, on December 15th.

"The Hookwirm EP" reviews can be found here and here.

From The Noise Beneath the Snow Review:

"Sometimes the more interesting yet more challenging reviews to do are those of bands and albums that blatantly ignore the “rules.”

"But for the sake of convenience, fans of bands like Chemlab, Hate Dept. or Bile and others will surely like The Hookwirm EP."

"Don’t let the pink cover fool you. The Hookwirm EP is as sick as a hook worm will make you."

From the Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia Review:

"The beat is all-present but is also mixed with vocals and divided by synths, offering nice breaks from the notorious 'move your body' rhythm. All this is delivered within the first (and shortest) track entitled 'Porno Dump'.”

"The noisy guitar additions make the underlying amalgam of vocals and synths sound like 90's industrial rock. The arrangements are based on a 1-2-3 rhythm, imprinting themselves upon your memory."

"sPill Ur bLood' is a hit song on this EP and could be easily used for broader promotion or submitted for use in a video game. The track truly moves energy in the body, as much as it brings a desired thrill in the skull. This happens through contrasting, low sounding synths and a multitude of other higher sounds, matched with the vocal parts and the danceable beat very well."

Follow Dizzolve online at: Wixsite, Facebook, YouTube, and Machine Man Records

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