Band Members: 

Josh (MASTER BLASTER) - Puppet Master, Glitchcraft 

AleK (Overlord Of Death Funk Metal) - Guitar from Hell, Primal Yell


Formed in 6.6.06, Josh Lamison released the first recordings of Dizzolve on Myspace. Even though these songs grew in popularity, Dizzolve was placed on hiatus until 2012 / 2013 when Alec Lopardo joined as lead guitarist.

Now, with 8 albums of growth and development over the course of 11 years, Dizzolve has become an electronic powerhouse within the Philadelphia area combining their innovative beats with searing guitar parts, driving elektro synth lines, and "Orwellian" samples.

Released on December 15th of 2017, "The Hookwirm EP" marks Dizzolve’s first release with Machine Man Records.

Visit Dizzolve online at: