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[D-II] - [D-I]

Decent News

Happy Holidays from Decent News. This year, we've decided to release some of our demos from Monolith and Filth. Bask in the cringe.

[D-II] Tracks 1-12

This is what Monolith sort of looked like in April 2019 (With the exception of Torture Me which we wrote in late May). Basically this is what we sent to Machine Man Records before we rerecorded alot of it and sent it out to get mixed and Mastered. ALSO, we included the earliest demos of Black Box and Eyewitness since the April versions were pretty much finished.

[D-I] Tracks 13-20

The first two tracks (13, 14) were some live practices of when Caleb first joined the band. The rest of it are live Demos that Eddie and Laken recorded when they scooped up their first sequencer pre-Caleb. Hence why they're instrumental.
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No Names vs Decent News

No Names vs Decent News

Original versions of all songs taken from the Decent News album ‘Monolith’ released on Machine Man Records 2019.

Check them out at:

© 2020 Machine Man Records

All profits from this release will go to Wildlife Victoria to support wildlife rebuilding efforts in the wake of the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires.
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Decent News

Produced by: Decent News
Mixed and Mastered by: Michael Haggerty
Album Artwork by: Conner Michael

Special thanks to: Chris Bollinger,
Shaylagh Canty, Mackensie Stokes, Conner Michael, Michael Haggerty, Al Diiorio, Steven Thomas Green, Zak Turner, Josh Lamison, Kevin Malicki and Conor Breen (From ACIDHENGE), As well as Dennis McLaughlin and Jason Becker (from Wavepeak)

Visit us at:
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Skin Puddle Christmas 2018

Decent News

Skin Puddle Christmas 2018

This will be available through December 26th 2018

It's been nearly a year since the Skin Puddle / Deafland single was released and we want to help our (few) fans ring in the holiday season with this festive reissue

Skin Puddle (Holly Jolly Mix) is the same heart warming tale you've come to know and love but this time it comes action packed with Sleigh Bells!

Deafland has always been a Christmas song. The first person who can tell us why wins a free Decent News T-Shirt

This reissue also comes with two unreleased covers as well!

The Smell (KMFDM) was originally supposed to make it onto our debut album "Filth" but we decided to cut it when Caleb joined the band. Most of the programming was done in 2014 by Eddie, Laken and even some help from Conner Michael (He was in the room)

Dawn Patrol (Megadeth) This was intended for a compilation but things fell through so we've had this in our back pockets for a while.


Caleb Moore: Vocals (1,2) Guitar (4)
Eddie LaFlash: Guitar (1-3) Synth (1-4) Vocals (3,4) Elec Perc (1,3,4) Bass Guitar (4)
Laken Stokes: Bass Guitar (1,2) Guitar (3) Vocals (2)
Collin Maynard: Drums (1,2)
Conner Michael: Programming, was in the room (3)

Album Artwork by Eddie LaFlash and Conner Michael

Also, being in the Christmas spirit, we want to express how grateful we are of everything that has happened this past year. We want to thank Chris Bollinger for inviting us to join Machine Man Records last December, as well as a thank you to all the radio hosts who have played our mediocre songs. Also we'd like to thank everyone who contributed remixes to "FILTH: Remixed" We love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever else you celebrate.
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Decent News

We are so thankful of all the artists that contributed to this remix album. Seriously, we are so impressed with all the hard work and effort that was put into each and everyone of these remixes

Decent News would like to give special thanks to: Chris Bollinger, Brutal Resonance because without them we wouldn't have been introduced to alot of the artists on this album, Shaylagh Canty, Conner Michael, Punch Reverse, Kevin Snell, Josh Lamison, Ferus Melek, William Schmidt, Ynk Cauchy, Autumn Rogers, and everyone else who didn't do a remix but took the time to talk to us
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