Band Members: 

Nate Exx Gradowski - vocals, programming, keyboards, guitars, and bass


AutomatoN is a concept that deals with faulty robots living together with humans. When robots are wired wrong, what would happen?

The self-titled album "Automaton" which debuted in fall of 2016, was the first chapter set forth in this storyline.

Following shortly thereafter the second chapter "Human Purge", a sci-fi musical story of questions and answers, was released in early 2017.

Directly following "Human Purge", the summer of 2017 saw AutomatoN release the third chapter in their man against machine storyline called, "III: A New Life".

Now, winter of 2017, sees the final release from a storyline spanning a quadrilogy of albums. The hunt has begun. Constantly hiding from the authorities, the automaton tires of this and has to get off the planet ultimately. Becoming a stowaway on a commercial space taxi, the automaton is sent out to the Pluto region on a science ship. Get ready for "Sub Coma".

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